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Care and Maintenance

Diesel engines are known for their reliability, torque and durability. If you own a Diesel Engine whether it be the old style or the latest Common Rail Diesels, then you should have a preventative maintenance schedule in place. For long term durability, changing your engine oil regularly will ensure your engines perform for years to come. By completing their regular service you will minimize the effects of oil degradation which cause sludge build up, moisture and foreign particles from the air filter and carbon deposits, which will eventually lead to clogged oil galleries, wear and failure. Lubrication

Performing all major repairs to all Diesels Equipment and Machinery

Major Repairs

If its Diesel or Petrol,Keeping all your machinery in good working order ensures many years of service and is less costly in the long term. Autotech Mechanical Solutions will take care of all your-

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Welcome to Autotech Mechanical Solutions as a qualified motor Mechanic for the past 35 years Mark would like to offer you the service you deserve. Mark has spent many years in the Automotive Industry, from early model vehicles to the latest vehicle technologies.