Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections

November 27, 2020by Mark Howe0

What is a pre purchase vehicle inspection?

A pre purchase vehicle inspection is a peace of mind check over  a vehicle prior to purchasing, This is not A Road Worthy but simply a check of all the vehicle components and systems to ensure you are not buying a  lemon. Its can also be used as a double back up to a RWC to ensure you are getting a good safe and reliable vehicle. Although you don’t have x-ray vision to look through the engine and systems, we methodically check over a vehicle based on our years of experience to determine the overall condition and reliability of the vehicle at time of inspection for your peace of mind.

When we do our inspections we ask our self one question. Would I buy this vehicle???

We give you our opinion and condition report for your to make your decision. We cant make your decision for you but we certainly can alleviate the guess work to make your decision easier.

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